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 * ATARI software developer and tester: '''Pajero/MadTeam'''  * ATARI software developer and tester: '''Paweł Nowak (Pajero/MadTeam)'''
 * NVC developer: '''Marcin Sochacki (Montezuma)'''


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SIO2SD - Open Source

SIO2SD is a device that allows you to load games/applications into 8-bit Atari computers via SIO interface from SD/MMC cards.


  • Device inventor and AVR software developer: Jakub Kruszona-Zawadzki

  • ATARI software developer and tester: Paweł Nowak (Pajero/MadTeam)

  • NVC developer: Marcin Sochacki (Montezuma)

  • Tester (also new SMD PCB designer - still not finished): Jakub Husak

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